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Hello, I’m Hannah from Hannah’s Natural Holistics & Happy Om Yoga. I’m a holistic therapist and yoga teacher and passionate about making you feel better within yourself.

All of my life I’ve been curious about how to heal the body in natural ways. Using ancient and modern knowledge of a wide variety of treatments and after more than 10 years experience, I truly believe in the power of the body’s own healing abilities.

I’m qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage, Advanced massage, Postnatal Yoga and Yoga to name just a few. I am also a Reiki master and I’m constantly widening and deepening my knowledge whenever and wherever I can.

Have a look at what I can offer you here at Fysikal Family Chiropractic & Wellness Lutterworth.

To book an appointment or have a chat about your requirements, call me 07968 234283or email on

Treatments offered by Hannah

Aromatherapy Massage: This treatment is a combination of western and eastern body massage techniques with essential oils. You will find each treatment is a unique blend of techniques that I intuitively adapt to your needs.

Pregnancy Massage: My pregnancy massage treatment is a safe and wonderfully relaxing body massage using essential oil blends to support you through this amazing journey into motherhood which can be very beneficial throughout. Easing aches and pains and many of the other discomforts you might experience.
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Reflexology: This is a very holistic treatment. By massaging and working on reflex points in your feet I am giving you a truly holistic full body treatment. Reflexology is based on points in the feet that relate to various parts in your body and by massaging and stimulating the foot I can work on problem areas in the whole body inducing balance and healing within.

Pregnancy Reflexology: This is a tailored reflexology treatment for your pregnancy. Reflexology can be especially beneficial at the end of your pregnancy or once you are overdue.
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Reiki: My reiki treatment is a combination of traditional reiki and shamanic healing. It’s a journey into the depth of your body, mind and soul releasing energy blockages that might lead to physical and emotional problems.
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Sotai Ho: This is a unique Japanese movement therapy to re-align the joints in your body. A well re-aligned body will function better and especially ease pain due to misalignment and incorrect movement patterns.

Yoga: My yoga style is gentle and therapeutic, empowering you to explore new ways of movement especially after illness and physical problems, supporting your healing through strengthening and re-aligning. I teach a blend of various yoga styles such as reflex yoga, Kashmir yoga, yin yoga and sotai ho.

To book an appointment or have a chat about your requirements, call me 07968 234283 or email on

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