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sugar and sweetener

Let us sugar-coat that for you… The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners.

No added sugar?! Zero sugar?! Low sugar?! Maximum taste, minimal sugar?! Diet drink?! Ever since the UK government introduced a tax on sugar, it seems everywhere we look we see the words ‘no added sugar’ as all of our favourite brands (Ribena we’re talking about you!) switch to the fake stuff in order to save money. In fact, I was in the supermarket the other day and it was almost impossible to find the normal, natural, real sugar options.
So, what’s the deal? We understand the fact that more people than ever are suffering from type-2 diabetes and we know that the idea behind all of this is to reduce sugar consumption, but are artificial sweeteners as innocent as they look?
You don’t have to search very far to see a lot of evidence that artificial sweeteners are not really making anyone ‘healthier’ and in fact, they could be causing issues far more serious than we realise.
When we break it down and look at it logically, how can anything chemically made and extracted, that is up to 650 times sweeter than sugar, be good for our bodies and our general health? It seems obvious to us who the real enemy is in this ‘sugar Vs sweetener’ story.

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